45 Scary and Disturbing Mythical Creatures from around the World


Mythical creatures have been the main actors in many tales in almost every culture. Since the dawn of time, these stories have captured peoples’ imaginations as they were passed down through the generations. Even today, legendary beasts and beings continue to captivate us through the numerous books, movies and TV shows that are inspired by them.

The mythical creatures found in folklore had multiple objectives according to historians. They uphold morality, enforce taboos, connect to divinity, warn against dangers and at the same time entertain. Every culture has its own variety of monsters and beings residing in traditional tales. However, some creatures, populate stories across multiple cultures and countries. The ever-lasting question is was at least a slimmer of truth in them?

Check out some of the scariest and disturbing mythical creatures from around the world in the infographics below.


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