Strange Sea Creature Turns Out to Be a Giant Mass of Squid Eggs


A strange sea creature was found by divers off the coast of Norway. The giant blob was floating mysteriously in the darkness of the fjord Ørstafjorden at a depth of around 17-15 meters. It was discovered by captain Nils Baadnes and diver Ronald Raasch with the research vessel REV Ocean.

After a short research, it turned out that the “creature” was actually a giant mass of squid eggs. Inside the gigantic ball of mucus, there could be somewhere between tens of thousands and trillions of eggs.

It’s not exactly known how these gel balls are created, but it is believed that the female squids lay smaller masses which expand over time in the water. Evidence suggests that one of the main roles of the mucus is to protect the eggs from predators and infections. They are extremely difficult to find as they tempt to sink to a depth of about 150 metres (500 feet), where the baby squids usually hatch.


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