The biggest private jet that is currently in active operation is the 747-8i Boeing Business Jet. It is based on the commercial passenger aircraft from the company, but with a totally modified interior. The dual-level jumbo jet takes private flying to the next level as it offers comfort and luxury even on long-distance flights.

Owning a private jet is just a dream for most of us, but buying the 747-8i BBJ is something only a handful of people can even consider. The regular (unluxurious) versions cost around 300-400 million dollars, so we can imagine the price on this one. This type of air travel is usually reserved for use by the world’s governments and a few other members of the highest elite. For example, the aircraft has seen success in the Middle East especially among the leaders and executives of Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The American government also plans to use a 747-8i BBJ instead of the current Air Force One to transport the president of the United States.

The aircraft that can be seen on these photos was purchased for private use by a Middle Eastern businessman. The interior design was created by the famous French company – Cabinet Alberto Pinto.

The interior of the Boeing is divided into ornate suites, conference rooms, lounges, dining rooms, passenger seating areas, and bathrooms – a complete and luxurious air home.



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