What the World would look like if all the ice melted?


There are around 30 million cubic kilometers of ice on Earth, according to the estimates. Most of it is located in Antarctica. During the history of this world, the amount of ice varied, and a part of it is increasingly melting because of global warming. Even though for it to be completely melted it would take many, many years, here is what the Earth would look like if the sea level rises because of the ice melting.


Europe would be largely affected. Holland, Belgium, and Denmark would be almost entirely submerged. London would be underwater as well, just like Eastern England. A lot of coastline cities would be gone along cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Rome…

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Florida would be completely gone in North America, and San Francisco would turn into islands. New York, Boston, Miami, Havana, and other cities would be entirely flooded.

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In South America, the west coast would be safe because of the Andes, but there would be enormous floods on the east coast and along the Amazon river. Rio and Buenos Aires would be underwater.


Asia would be terribly damaged. Big parts of China, home to 600 million people would be submerged. India and Bangladesh, which are one of the most populated countries would also suffer. In Indonesia, floods are expected in a lot of islands and regions, where 250 million people live.


A new sea would appear in mid-eastern Australia and floods are expected in many coastline cities.


In Africa, Senegal and Gambia would take a lot of damage, but otherwise, it would still be a safe place.


Once the ice is gone, Antarctica would have half of the current territory.

This scenario will probably not happen in a very long time (probably never will), but rising sea levels could be a problem for many people in the years to come.


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