If you are using email communication in your daily life, you must have used some of these common email phrases, which look polite but have a bit harsher meaning. You may have oblivious this time, but if you ever read them in a message you receive, you should know the truth.

  • Per my last email – You better re-read the whole thing again so you won’t ask me stupid questions
  • Let me clarify – You completely misunderstood my last message, you idiot!
  • Just checking in – I’m going to keep sending you email about this until you respond.
  • Hope this helps – Just stop bothering me
  • It has been brought to my attention – You fucked up!
  • I see your point – You can express your opinion but i give zero fucks
  • As stated below – You need to read the entire email chain, not just the top two lines because your dumb question has already been answered
  • Sorry for being unclear – No, i wasn’t. Obviously you didn’t really read what i wrote. You need to pay more attention!
  • Moving forward – Stop wasting my time and just let it go already
  • Thanks in advance – I’m already thanking you for doing me this favor, even though you haven’t yet agreed to it. Therefore, you must do it
  • Kind regards – Fuck you


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