Cats may look pretty independent, but they can easily get bored, depressed or develop separation anxiety, especially if you keep them indoors. Studies have shown that cats can bond with their humans in a similar way children bond with their parents. They are social beings that crave human interaction and thrive on attention. So, as most of us cannot afford to spend whole days with our pets, getting them another kind of friend might cheer them up during the alone hours.

A company called Enabot made a successful campaign on Kickstarter for developing Ebo – a smart robot that could be your cat’s best friend while you are away. The people behind this project say that their smart little creation can create a world of interaction, fun, stimulation, and connection that helps your to achieve the best physical and mental health that they possibly can.

Ebo is able to move in any direction, spin, roll-over, even dance, and it should always land on its feet. The movements are autonomous and it can be activated remotely with your phone, but if you are busy you can also activate it during preset hours. It has collision sensors to prevent it from bumping into obstacles and a camera that will allow you to see what your furry friend is doing when you are not home. When the battery drains, the robot can independently go back to the charging station. Ebo and your cat need some rest from time to time after all.

The little robot’s movements are purposely erratic to keep your cat entertained. It also makes noises and displays lights, adding another layer of unpredictability. The advanced model can even adapt its play style to your cat’s personality and mood. Ebo can be equipped with some old school accessories like feathers, string, or a built-in laser pointer.


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