Carmeltazite: Extraterrestrial Mineral Rarer and More Expensive than Diamond


At the beginning of the year, the International Mineralogical Association recognized the recently discovered gem called Carmeltazite as a new, distinct mineral. This precious stone is interesting because it is extremely rare, and its chemical formula resembles a mineral that was only found in a rocky meteorite that in Mexico in 1969. The Carmeltazite was discovered in Israel and was named after Mount Carmel where it was found and the elements it contains – Titanium, Aluminum and Zirconium.

The mineral, which is also called “Carmel Sapphire” has a higher density than diamond, and it’s definitely rarer, so if it is brought to the mineral market it has the potential to be way more valuable.

The Carmeltazite was found embedded in volcanic rocks mined in the Haifa District in northern Israel. It was most likely formed deep inside Earth, at a depth of almost 18 miles (29 km). The mineral was then transported through volcanic vents into the upper crust and near the surface. Carmeltazite is found as veins almost black to dark green in color with a metallic glow in the larger blue sapphire-like crystals, embedded in the volcanic rocks. The largest stone discovered so far has 33.3 carats (0.25 oz / 7 grams).


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