As technology advances, so are smartphones. New and better models tempt us to buy them and we end up stacking old smartphones somewhere around the house. Before they rest in peace, they could still be useful for some things. We have 5 interesting suggestions.

5. GPS Tracker

Do you want to have a GPS tracker in your car? If you do, look no further than your old smartphone. You just need to make sure that you have turned on “Find my iPhone” or switched on tracking in the Android settings, then charge the phone and put it in your trunk or glove compartment.

The downside is that this process will probably drain the battery, so you may want to consider using a portable charger or a power bank to make it last a few days.

Of course, a dedicated GPS device is a better solution, but if you cannot afford one, your old smartphone can do the trick when you want to know where exactly is your car at a given moment.

4. WiFi Extender

If you have a weak WiFi signal in some corners of your house or your backyard, you probably need a WiFi extender. Instead of buying one, you can simply use an old smartphone as a substitute. This is what you need to do.

Download and install the app called Netshare on the old device you will use as an extender, but also on the smartphone you currently use. Then, you just need to open it on your extender phone and click “share internet connection” and proceed with the instructions. Accept the pairing on your current smartphone and enjoy.

Don’t expect to download torrents or other big files with this kind of connection, but it should be enough for browsing the web or checking your social media accounts.

3. Baby Monitor

To make an old smartphone into a baby monitor, you will need to download an app like Cloud Baby Monitor, Dormi or Baby Monitor 3G. You will need the application on your current device as well.

Follow the instructions carefully and double-check the privacy settings so you are the only one who can see the live stream. Then, set the smartphone in an appropriate position in the room where the child is staying and you are ready to go.

2. Dashcam

This is another great way to use your old smartphone. You will need an appropriate dash mount where you can place your device and a suitable application like Autoboy Dash Cam.

As you will always be in a need of battery charging, we recommend permanently connecting your old smartphone to a car charger.

1. Security Camera

If you want to have a home monitoring system, you can use an old smartphone as a security camera. To accomplish this, you need to install a home surveillance app like Presence or AtHome Camera which are available both for Android and iOS. After that just set the device in place with the camera pointing to the area of interest and preferably keep it connected to a power source.

These applications can detect when there is a movement in front of the camera and they will send you a phone notification right away.


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